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It's the simple pleasures in life...

A gluten-free lifestyle doesn't have to be a sacrifice.

We offer gluten-free baked goods

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Granolas & Rice Crispy Bars



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DnS Gluten Free Bakery

Hi there! My name is Sabrina, and alongside my husband, Darrick, we are DnS Gluten Free Bakery. Darrick is the bread and bagel wizard while I conjure up our delicious granolas. We each have backgrounds in cooking and baking, both in a professional nature and as an insatiable hobby. Our mission is to bake the best possible foods that will make you think twice about buying name brand gluten-free products.

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From breads to bagels, we have a delicious assortment of baked goods and treats for your gluten-free lifestyle. Want to know a little more about our products? Click below to learn about what we have to offer.

Labeled Rice Crispy Bars

Gluten-free that tastes  REAL!